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Diesel Electric Services supply an extensive product range from:

  • Baseload, Prime Power and Standby rated Diesel Driven Generators from 5kVA to 3mVA in Automatic Mains Failure, Keystart and Synchronised Systems up to 32 generators in parallel.
  • Gas, Bio-fuel and Duel Fuel Generators to client specification.
  • The system is cooled via remote cooling.
  • Mobile generators
  • Sound attenuated Canopies and Containerised Sets.
  • Peak lopping with Main Utility Supply.
  • Load Augmentation.
  • Renewable energy
  • Low voltage distribution boards
  • Dynamic (Rotary) UPS
  • Static UPS
  • Turnkey solutions for Computer Data Centres
Fuel conditioning System (a greener, unique and innovative approach to fuel conditioning) - It is the fuel in your tanks that determines Engine Performance and Emergency Power reliability. Diesel Electric Services now boasts a fuel conditioning / cleaning system utilizing the Algae X product for fleet systems, bulk fuel systems and back up diesel generator systems. In addition to this we offer a fuel service agreement.

Our highly qualified draughtsman and engineering staff place strong emphasis on design optimization ensuring that we stay ahead of the technology curve. We offer a full manufacturing service. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction in a continuously changing environment.

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Malaysian Switchgear DistributorsAPC by Schneider - Elite PartnerSub Sahara Power Distributors“EURO – DIESEL” chose Diesel Electric Services as the local agent in order to strengthen the commitment to customer service of their product in this region. The “Euro-Diesel” Dynamic UPS are low maintenance , brushless machines of the highest efficiency in the market and include harmonic conditioning and power factor correction with a unique patented method of excitation as some of its features. “EURO – DIESEL” systems are available in both low and medium voltage solutions.DCI - BEE PartnerKirloskarWe are a High Power Partner to Reillo.
Product range:
Power distribution units
Power monitoring software
Static transfer switches
Static UPS.
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