Diesel Electric Services (Pty) Ltd is a solutions driven company celebrating 30 years of unsurpassed success. 

Focused on projects, trusted in the industry for providing bespoke turnkey solutions for power generation infrastructure based on customer specific requirements.



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Celebrating 30 years of solutions.

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30 years of undefeated success

Diesel Electric Services is a trusted turn-key solutions partner for both Diesel and Gas generators, Static and Rotary UPS Systems, LV and MV Distribution Offering Design. Our offering includes for: Manufacturing and Supply, Mechanical and Electrical Installations, Commissioning, Maintenance and Servicing. We also offer repairs, modifications and refurbishment of existing solutions. 


30+ Years

Years of implementing solutions.

26 000 m2

Manufacturing area

51.2 MWe

Quantity of generators sold in 2020 - 2021.


Quantity of generators sold in 2022 - 2023

Unique Selling Proposition

An engineered solution that specialises in turnkey projects from 400V up to 33000V.


Customise Your Solution

Our solutions are customised to the site’s specific needs, ensuring that you only pay for what you require.

Service and Maintenance

We offer a full maintenance contracts to help mitigate risk and assists in costing forecasts.


Value Added Services

The only South Africa company with in house staff and equipment, to supply the design, assemble, factory acceptance testing, installation and commissioning of all aspects of backup power supply system and associated equipment.

In-house Manufacturing

All products are manufactured on-site in our     26 000 square meters of working space. We have two panel shops fully equipped for sheet metal work, busbar bending, and in-house programming of different control interface solutions.

500+ on-site experts

We currently have just over 637 full-time staff separated into various skilled teams lead by industry experts. Ensuring first-class quality, quick, reliable responses to any client request or need. Our service department features 71 field technicians available for on site support.


Diesel Electric Services.

Diesel Electric Services currently employs over 637 full-time staff on our industry leading 26 000 square meters of working space in Johannesburg. Our two panel shops consists of 8 500 square meters and features top of the line equipment to manufacture all our solutions in-house.

Our on-site expert teams consist of sales, contracting, manufacturing, installation, service, and technical support teams that are all well-equipped and trained to deliver first-class quality service to our clients from start to finish. 

The confidence and trust our clients place in our services is undisputable proof of our competence together with our NETFA type tested panel builds and in-house MV capability that allows us to repair and replace components during the warranty periods without having to consult the manufacturers. Speeding up our maintenance processes and keeping our clients running for longer. 

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